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Core TypePIC
Kit ContainsCD with Documentation & Software, PICC Lite Compiler, Power Supply, Programmer, Sample PIC16F84 Microcontroller, Serial Cable
Technology8 bit

PICSTART® Plus Development Programmer

This development kit provides the product development engineer with a highly-flexible, low-cost microcontroller design tool set for all Microchip PIC MCU devices.

Handles DIP packages up to 40 pins with optional 68 and 84 pin PLCC capability
Operates with PC-compatible host system running Windows under MPLAB IDE environment
Reads, programs, verifies EPROM and EEPROM program and data memory
Reads, programs, verifies all configuration bits
Programs and verifies an address range
Displays, edits, and transfers device contents to and from programmer unit
MPLAB Project support to automatically download object file to PICSTART Plus
MPASM™ Assembler translates assembler source code to object code
MPLAB SIM Windows-based simulator designed to model operation of all PICmicro MCUs
PICC Lite™ C compiler for PIC16F84 microcontroller


The kit is not supplied with an IEC mains lead (available separately).

Supplied with

RS-232 cable, power supply, manuals, CD-ROM, blank chips (Kit only)

PICSTART® Plus Development Programmer

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